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UNW Empire / BT Spring Feed Upgrade

€ 20,00

The turn knob is easier to find and turn this way than the original. The other 2 parts are mainly made to keep dust or rain out of the system. The top door can be slide open en closed after reloading.
The other ring is so the opening in the tube and be turned down wards so sand can fall out. And rain haves a harder time to get in.
Keep in mind when you try the turn out the original pin in of the slide. That this pin will most likely brake this happened with 2 out the 2 with me. So you need to drill it out and make some threats
in there your self. so be warned!

Or use the replacement part of the original spring head. This one should have less trouble with dust and sand than the original.

This adapter will be made once the order is placed

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