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UNW EKEN H9 16mm Lens Ring

€ 8,00

I have played around with some Eken cameras in the past and I like them for it. They are cheap and work well enough for me. And make me not worry opening the cameras up and to modify
them. Well basically run out the lens and place a other one in of a different focal length. Or to turn it into a IR sensitive camera for night shots. And I like the 16mm the best for lest say a more zoomed in shot. In realty is it just more or less 50mm so it’s not really that extreme of a tell lens view. but the more you zoom in . the more you get issues around camera shake and your lens not being in focus. And so for me as a paintball player i do like this 16mm lens. It gives a bit of better shot of were I look(shoot) at then your basic extreme wide angle lens. And 16mm doesn’t sound like a lot but on a sensor that small does it make a big difference.
So I have used this for some events but the thing was the lens is smaller so the camera insides are exposed. So I made a ring so the camera is sealed off again. Especially since the lens sticks out more so you need to drill a hole were the lens goes. exposing the system to paint and moisture. I have made 2 editions 1 with a O ring and one fully 3d printed. the O ring version
should give a better seal but it should not matter that much in reality so it’s up to you.

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